A certified safe and efficient survey data collection method for your site.

Our high resolution aerial photogrammetry is a valuable technology for mine planning, construction site progress, agriculture crop heath, effective asset and facility management.

Once your booking is confirmed and flight plans are prepared, we arrive at site, setup safe zones and deploy aircraft within minutes, and can complete a fully mapped flight plan in under 15 mins.

After the flights are completed we then upload all imagery into a processed ortho-rectified software system and provide our clients with a full access to detailed reports including Digital Terrain Models ( DTM's ), Digital Elevation Models (DEM's), 3D orthographic stills and gif clips, Normalised Density Vegetation Index ( NDVI ), stock pile volumetrics, gradient profiles and angle of repose to name just a few.

Digital Elevation ModellingDigital Elevation ModellingDEM mapping by drone Stock pile volumetric surveyStock pile volumetric survey

This critical data solution combined with cutting edge aerial technology and professional operations consistently provides the flexibility to manage a site with accurate detail, reliability and confidence.

Cost effective, efficient and safe.

Geographical 3D terrain / contour maps can assist with not only mine planning and reporting, but also earthworks assessments, drainage analysis and environmental risk.


stock yard mappingstock yard mapping

Iron Media has in place the safety systems and equipment required for aerial operations and our service is guaranteed .

Our business values are the guiding principles by which we operate and we are seen as a high quality value add service to any site.