Iron Media UAV Aerial FAQ's

Some quick facts to some frequently asked questions to help clear the air.

What is a UAV or RPAS?

UAV stands for ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’ and refers to the platform we use to operate unmanned aerial systems.

Other names include ‘Remotely Piloted Aircraft System’ (RPAS) or as commonly known as a "drone".

Who is CASA?

CASA is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and governs and regulates all aviation operations in Australia.

Do you need a license to operate an RPAS?

It is a legal requirement for a business to hold a RPAS Operators Certificate issued by CASA ( REOC ) to operate drone’s commercially in Australia. 

Any Individual’s controlling the drone must also be individually licensed (Controller Certification 'RePL' and  Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate 'AROC' ) by CASA and are engaged under the ReOC of that business.

These licenses ensure high safety standards are maintained at all times when operating around various airspace categories and area's. 

What can I do to protect my business when I need aerial services, date collection and imagery?

Iron Media is fully licensed to perform aerial photography, cinematic video, surveying and spotting and comply with all CASA regulations and requirements. Our safety systems and years of OHSE experience enable Iron Media to perform aerial operations with confidence and reliability you can trust. MISSION STATEMENT

Do not risk your business with any non licensed or individual UAV pilot operating commercially without a business ReOC as insurance and safety procedures wouldn't be guaranteed or offered.  

Iron Media only employs full-time professionals and individually certified RPAS pilots licensed by CASA, ensuring your peace of mind​ and getting the job done on time, every time, safely. In an off chance that we need to engage a professional pilot, we follow a strict vetting process which is completed and full service history checked with skills and licensing confirmed.

Are you insured?

Yes. We maintain public liability insurance up to a minimum of $20m Aud.

Where are you located and how far do you travel?

We are based in beautiful Wollongong NSW, just 50 minutes south of Sydney and can travel to any location across Australia or worldwide.

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